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Soiled Mattress and the Springs

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Soiled Mattress and the Springs are a sax, keyboards, drums group that play jazz without solos (that's their description.) I had been hearing the hype about Soiled Mattress and the Springs for a few months (Vice Magazine, Other Music, etc.) but since their record is vinyl only, I'd only heard the songs on their Myspace page.

I finally caught them last night in Williamsburg...if you like indie rock and you like jazz, you'd probably dig them. It's cool to see an alto sax as a lead instrument in a rock club with lots of young folks digging it. I wasn't thrilled with the tone of the keyboards and the sax (the sax player puts the mike into his bell) but they did a good job of mixing up the beats, tempos, etc. and a lot of their songs (no standards) were pretty catchy for instrumental music that I was hearing for the first time.

Has anyone else here seen them? I'd definitely go to see Soiled Mattress again, esp. over some other Brooklyn folks like Tim Berne, Tony Malaby, etc.
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