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So no more key engraving for the 9937?

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If that's true, then that really sucks. It had to have been the single most beautiful horn on the market, particularly the alto. A nice balance of silver and gold and truly beautiful engraving. Oh well. :(
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matsuo said:
Kessler music shows both the "A" engraving with the keys engraved, and the "B" engraving with no keys engraved.
If you read further on that page Kessler states that the "A" engraving is not being offered any longer. That "B" engraving omits the body tube and keys.
SearjeantSax said:
where did you hear that?
Not just on the Kessler Music site but in a thread here.
Oh well.

As long as the "B" engraving keeps me from buying that horn I shouldn't really complain especially when my A991UL is every bit as good a horn as the A9937 for 1/3 the price of the A9937. Plus the UL gives that vintage horn look and feel (and smell). :)

GAS is a terrible thing--it just creeps up on you. ;)
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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