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So I used some killer effects this weekend...

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Yeah. I had the opportunity to play two, two-hour sets this weekend with mostly the same a very out there, psychedelic Dead set where I successfully used an octave (up, down, and both) envelope filter, phaser, chorus and delay running a mic through the Boss 505 looper. The other a JGB set, so more straight forward blues, rock, americana stuff where I used the envelope filter again (auto-wah) and mocked an organ double on some horn lines using a polyphonic octave generator. On this set I used the mic through the 505 for the filter and a piezobarrel pickup for the POG (through a DI to lift the signal first). The sound crew was really digging it and both the FoH and monitor teams said they came through perfectly! I was mixing myself on stage using the Boss 505 with the mic coming into channel one and the pickup, post pedals, coming into the instrument line-in. I’ve seen some video and the result was quite good for my first attempt...all the sounds were balanced (no booms or disappearing signal as often happens with electronics and horns) and there were times I had it really dialed in, like a good stretch of trading lines with lead guitar (Jerry lines!) where the sound guy said I had the Jerry tone happening so well that it took him a minute to realize it was me playing :mrgreen:

That said: After spending a lot of time getting all that dialed in at home and ready to go live...I don’t want to do the full-on electric saxophone thing on the regular. I missed “my sound” a lot. I’m still going to dabble and work up a few really specific things I have in mind, but I’m going to leave 95% of the effects stuff to when I’m playing bass or using a set-up that includes a midi controller or synth.

Edit: this was just my second time playing live since March and even with a really small outdoor capacity (125 plus bands/ crew in a 2,500+ venue) and a well-planned social distancing strategy even for bands and crew, it felt really freaking great to play tunes with other people again!!!!!!!
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Really cool! Any pics of your pedalboard to post, for our gear-drooling pleasure? I love the POG, I've used it on many gigs and tracks, like this one.

East Idaho is beautiful, btw, and I'm a big fan. The Bitterroots are magical.
It sure is! I'm in the Tetons. I don't think I have a picture of my rig all set up, but I did take one of everything lined up on my floor to make sure I packed it all!

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Great story!!

I love hearing the enthusiasm about playing again. Everyone I talk to you on the phone is in distress and so fed up with everything.
It's great to hear a positive story like this.
Thanks bro.
Yes, thanks Mark!
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