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Really nice horn in beautiful condition, almost mint actually, so it had some nice
case candy an SR TECH mouthpiece, Meyer USA 5m, Optimum lig with the plates,
rovner lig, new box of Alexander Superial reeds, and an older Yamaha mouthpiece.

Now the Yamaha mouthpiece is older than the 4c type has the logo and below it
the yamaha stamp, has 3 bite marks on the beak, nothing a patch wouldn't easily
take care of, so it's free to the first person to reply to this post and then send me
his/her address. I will pay the postage, first class, however if you don't need it or
have a student who needs it, please leave it to someone who does.

Thanks to everyone on this forum for the wonderful education you have given me
over the years, just wanted to say thanks, in a small way, but thanks none the less. Jay.
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