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Hey SOTW crew, Snarky Puppy is coming to the Pacific Northwest and California for the first time, ever, and I'll be doing some extensive van-time with them for the first time since 2009! If any of you are going to be in any of these towns, please come say hi. (I won't be on the Olympia show, but I'll be on everything else.) Here's the schedule:

4/20: Olympia, WA (Olympia Ballroom)
4/21: Seattle, WA (Nectar Lounge)
4/22: Portland, OR (Wonder Ballroom)
4/24: Arcata, CA (Jambalaya)
4/25: Santa Cruz, CA (Moe's Alley)
4/26: San Francisco, CA (Boom Boom Room)

I'm looking forward to eating incredible hippie food, drinking world-class craft beer, and seeing some of the most beautiful parts of North America for a week. And playing outrageous world-jazz-funk-gangster-soul fusion, of course.
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