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Would I be classed as being absolutely out of my mind for swapping a silverplated gold medal 1 tenor 17*** with rth - for a conn (new) wonder bari no rth.

The sml is in good playable condition possibly replated , at least very vague engraving around the logo. The conn i've been informed is in top condition playwise and mechanically, not cosmetically, claimed to be a new wonder but with no rth i would think it is actually a wonder.

I already have a newly overhauled silverplated King Marigaux 21*** that i love ...-but i'm starting to like the goldmedal more and more....-but then again it would be fun with a bari as well....-AAArghhhh...the dilemma.

anyways ...-for value ...-would the conn be worth much less than the goldmedal??

please help me out of this ridiculous luxuryproblem...

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