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Sluring E5 to G4 to E5

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Alto solo in new piece for community band has thrown up a challenge...
:space4: :line2: :space4:
Am I the only one who has difficulty doing this quickly without the lower G getting hung up? Or do I/ my horn / my mouthpiece / my reed / the horse I rode in on/ all of the above suck?

Is there something I'm missing to make this particular transition fast and smooth, or do I have to cheat and put a little re articulation on the G to get it to speak. Its hard to get the low G to speak quickly while sluring down and then quickly back up to the E. Practice is probably the answer isnt it, but any hints or tips of what to practice (other than the obvious) would be appreciated:)
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Awholley's suggestion is right on.

You might also check that the pitch of the mouthpiece and neck is no higher than an Ab concert. Playing too high on the pitch can also make fast register changes difficult to play.

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