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Sluggish G# key. Easy fix?

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My Conn 6M pictured in my avatar is starting to have an issue with the responce of the G# key. Actually the keytouch works fine. It's the keycup that is slow to lift off the the tone hole. It's not sticking. Just slow to move or only lifts halfway. I assume it needs a spring replacement, but the mechanics in the area is very tight and I can't tell what's going on (or not) there.

Is this an easy DIY fix or is tech visit in my future?

Please help :help:
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Disconnect the spring on the G# key, so that it does not contact the key in any way.

Press down the G# lever.

Check whether the G# key moves completely freely, i.e fast operation under gravity alone.

If not:
You have a problem with excess friction associated with the hinging system. Remove the key, and check whether the rod is completely free in the tube.

If so:

Check that there is sufficient space between the posts for the key to fit easily. Also put the hinge rod alone through the unthreaded post and ensure that it lines up accurately with the threaded post. Also check that the rod screws in easily into the threaded post; otherwise suspect that this post is out of alignment, twisted, and when the rod is screwed in tight, the rod may become distorted.​

If not:

Clean tube and rod of oil/grease/muck/varnish/rust, and then check whether the rod is completely free in the tube, i.e it falls through under gravity.

If not:

Straighten parts appropriately.​

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