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Sluggish G# key. Easy fix?

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My Conn 6M pictured in my avatar is starting to have an issue with the responce of the G# key. Actually the keytouch works fine. It's the keycup that is slow to lift off the the tone hole. It's not sticking. Just slow to move or only lifts halfway. I assume it needs a spring replacement, but the mechanics in the area is very tight and I can't tell what's going on (or not) there.

Is this an easy DIY fix or is tech visit in my future?

Please help :help:
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saxismyaxe said:
It could very well be gunk that has settled in the pivot screw pockets or key rod/tubes of the parts in question.

Does this problem go away temporarily when you oil these areas? If so, that may be the source rather than the springs or spring tension.

Did your horn take any knocks in that area recently? A bent rod or kink in the rod/tube, or a key rod post that has moved off center could cause an issue such as this too.
It could use a good oiling. I've been so busy playing lately. I've slacked on daily care. That might just do the trick. I don't think it's any damage.
Thanks guys. I just got home. I'll give your suggestions a whirl :)
Well I just oiled up the entire horn with a bit additional attention the offending area. Definitely an improvement :thumbrig:

I'll let it sit for a day or so and see if that's as far as I need to go. Else, I'll review Gordon's checklist. I'm hoping I don't need to leave it with the repair shop. My SDA needs a pad fix too (low Bb fell out) and I need an alto working for the next two months that are full of dates.

Thanks all
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