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Not A Machine
This was going to be a vocal, and this is the initial jam with a sax player named Bill Bixler. There's no melody yet, all anyone knew was that it was in C#minor and 3/4 time, with a bridge on D major, ABA form. Obviously, the drummer wasn't comfortable with the time. The bassist is Larry Taylor.

Over the years, as the words didn't materialize while a melody did, I started playing it as an instrumental in my guitar synth trio after recording it in studio as King Solomon's Mines. I'm now in the process of learning it on alto.

The tune is simple with an "ethnic" feel, but the 3-beat allows a lot of rhythmic creativity, as you can hear some notion of 4:3 for example.

I'd be thrilled to hear a flutist or sax player play this.
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