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I bought this cheap Selmer S mpce and ligature last week as a backup for use at band camp time; Invariably one of the clarinet players will dispatch a mpce while on camp. The mpce even came with a free reed.

The lig is the standard 2 screw metal type that's been around for years. As I tighten the lig it just slides along the mpce towards the tip, taking the reed with it. I can make the thing stay on in a half-hearted way but its not good. It's almost like the taper of the mpce is too steep.

I've been blowing a cool reed pipe for yonks and have NEVER encountered a ligature problem before. I always thought that the various ideas on ligs were overdone but after this I'll be a bit more respectful. Have any of you encountered something like this and if so what's the solution?
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