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I'm looking for a skype teacher since I live in sweden I can't use any of the american ones because I simply can't play at those hours.

So I'm trying to find one in europe where the time difference is smaller.

I've played alto for one month now and are starting to become more and more at ease with sight reading. And I play alot of standards with the hal leonard backing tracks. I've been a guitarist for 11 years and just recently got into jazz. Since I switched from blues and punkrock(!) to jazz I got some considerable holes in my theory knowledge (I thought I simply didn't need it). So I'm trying to brush up on general music theory as best I can on my own. But as I learn more and more i find it harder to imply everything and put it to use. I guess I need someone to keep me on track and make sure I can benefit from what I learn.

I got good equipment for skype use (Good cams, good microphones etc.). I can also make quality records in my home for lessons and such.

I live in a pretty small town and in sweden most of the music education is tied to the schools. And the teachers there don't teach outside the schools. So I can't find anyone.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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