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Just wanted to let you know about my positive experience with Stephan Kammerer.

As a birthday (driven by GAS) gift I decided to get a new mouthpiece.

As my sound concept had shifted from traditional to more edgy I decided to contact Stephan Kammerer to inquire about the HR Aevi & find out how would it differ from a Berg based piece, as my currently preferred mouthpiece was a TK London.

This was his description. “The AEVI, is very focused and powerful. I wanted to create a hard rubber mouthpiece with the power and ease that I used to have with a Guardala I played many years ago but with more tonal flexibility and warmth. The result is the AEVI, a hard rubber piece with a long rollover baffle. It's different from a Berg because the Bergs usually have bullet chamber step baffles like TK's London model but similar in power and resistance."

Based on his recommendations, I decided to buy an AEVI .108 tip opening which he told me would give me a similar resistance to the London .107 I was playing.

The piece came back 3 weeks later and delivered as promised. A bit more focused than the TK London, still retaining some warmth with as much volume. Projection is about the same if not a tad more.

The size of the mouthpiece is typical (not slim) so any tenor HR ligature will fit. Resistance is very similar to the London (just good enough to push against & not super free blowing). Then again it’s a .108 so smaller tips would likely offer less resistance, should the facing curve be similar.

In all, I think this is a great mouthpiece for playing in louder musical situations where you need to cut through. Funk, latin, modern jazz, fusion, rock, big band all come to mind. Now you could use it for smoky room jazz combo but it would need to be dialed back a bit. In that particular situation, mouthpieces with lower baffles would be better suited. Tone is more towards Sonny Rollins on his metal Berg or JR Walker more than Ben Webster, Hawk or Stan Getz.

Finally, e-mail communication and transaction was super smooth. I hope this helps anyone who is considering purchasing a piece from Mr Kammerer, specially an Aevi.
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