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One performance worth hearing is from 1977. West Texas State University Symphonic Band, appearing at TMEA(Texas Music Educator's Association) convention in San Antonio, Feb. 1977. Is a record, and I don't believe there's a CD version, unless you find someone who's dubbed it over.

Be aware that the record recording is sped up a bit, so is sharp to A-440. The original tape, which I've heard first hand, is at the correct speed/pitch. If I remember correctly, there was a capacity issue going from tape to disc.

Quite a good recording of Czardas. Also has Creston Concerto, 2nd movement.

Ebay and the usual sources to find, I suppose.

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It's not that crazy at all.

Sinta liked to play Czardas at the end of recitals. All the recitals at University of Michigan were recorded and students could buy a copy on tape. I may even have it, but it would take me a while to find it.

Why don't you start a post looking for Sinta students?
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