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Simba As 105

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So I was offered a brand new Selmer: Paris Simba As 105 Alt Saxophone for about 440 USD. The seller said that it came out better in tests than the Yamaha Yas and that it's suited for both starting and advanced players. I browsed the web here a bit and found out that Simba Saxophones should be avoided like the plague, but that Selmer: Paris saxophones are highly regarded.

I'm new to playing the sax and insecure about judging the quality of a sax but I'm through with renting one. Basicly I would like to know if this is a yay or nay? All the different reviews around the web make it pretty confusing for me.

Thanks in advance
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A closer picture of the thumb rest tells me Simba Instruments, I'll start searching for that Yamaha Yas then.

Thanks for the quick clarification.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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