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Silvertone Tenor

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Sorry, didn't know which vintage sax forum to post this in. Anyways, today I visited a a pawn shop with a hoard of instruments, and they had a silvertone tenor for $600. It had split bell keys and the spatula looked kinda like a buescher 140's. It had little button resos. I compared it to a winston they had, and it was slightly shorter and wider, but not enough to be a C melody. I've read this is a buescher crat stencil, but it looked more like a conn chu. Can anyone tell me what this is? Would their price be good (considering it needs an overhaul)?
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Sound like an early series one aristocrat. Could be a very nice playing horn. I agree $600.00 is too high. In my experience pawn shops, at least most chain shops, are generally too high on all musical instruments.
the Kohlert made horns are stencils of the models. Well worth buying. The Buescher models are decent as well just not worth a lot. they are like the aristocrat 140 but with less substantial keyguards and slightly cruder finished keywork. they do sound like their brethren though. If the horn in question is a kohlert the $600.00 pricetag is not too steep if it is in good condition. Although probably not marketed as such, it is a pro line horn.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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