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Silverstein ligatures - observations and a question

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Got a new mouthpiece, a 10mFan Robusto, and have been working with the ligs I've got and finding slight differences although they all work well enough. So I started looking at other ligs anyway and investigated the Silversteins. I know a pro player who has one and likes it which is sort of a recommendation. The question I have is what is the difference between the A and the T frame, I can't find anything on their site? Is one cheaper or what?

The observation is about their claims that the cryo version is better. I thought the cryo fad had died years ago but here it is again. Cryoing your horn is one thing, that's a lot of metal and if there was anything to it it would make a difference - I always thought this was unlikely if not risible. The Silverstein had two or four metal 'tuners' and cryoing these is meant to be transformative. I can't believe it, please discuss. I would love to hear from someone who will defend it.
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Back when I had more dollars than sense I bought one (GAS). At the time I did not notice much improvement in tone. HOWEVER, due to Covid I have been woodshedding a lot and as a result I am gaining some improvement in many areas. Back to Silverstein: I recently took it out of the drawer and used it on my Theo Wanne DATTA 9 which has been my go to for around a year. (I was using the RICO H ligature knockoff prior). I noticed a marked improvement in the clarity of the tone. I was quite surprised so I put the RICO back on and the difference was noticable to me throughout the range including up to altissimo C-4. My horn is a series IV King Silversonic (400xxx) and I am playing a Fibracell 2 1/2. Of course as always YMMV, but this was my experience.
Hi Jim D
I do have two of those Silverstein Ligatures.
One CRY04 Gold Brass for my tenor HR mpcs.
Also one for Silver one for my soprano HR mpcs,the soprano one only has one plate on each sides,compare to the CRYO4 that has two plates on each sides to adjust on the center sides on the mpcs. Not much difference between them,if you ask me.
I like them on both,but certainly will not make you fall off your chair,if you know what i mean.
My favorite ligature for my tenor HR Links is an old silver Selmer two screws one,that i use every day.
Simple and they work great!!!
On soprano,the very same,i just prefer an older bare brass Selmer two screws one,i ve got a few of those,simple and they work really good for me anyways.
Those Silverstein do work,but they are also very fussy to stay put on your mpcs at the right place!!!
That ,,i really don t like,,that is a downside.
Best of luck into purchasing one.
PS a guy on Facebook has a soprano one for sale ,like mind ,i think for 50 bucks,now that s a steal.
All the best
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I fully understand the vanity purchase, I'm tempted by the beauty of the things. Fortunately they are hard to get in the UK.
Tax and import duty kill that as an option. An extra 25% or so, not to mention exchange rates takes away some of the lustre.
Most people I play with wouldn’t notice.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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