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Silversonic vs S20

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HI all,

Im looking for a silversonic tenor, i will never forget the first time I played one and it has now been my no.1 horn on my dream list. What i want to know is does the solid silver bell actually make much difference or is it just aesthetics. I have solId silver neckS on my sop and bari both yani 992 and i believe that material does make a difference but in reference to s20s does anyone have an opinion?
i will still buy a silversonic i think but opinions would be good
Also check this one out its possibly the one i will buy, what do you think?
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there are in fact many topics already in the forum wich, one way or the other touch this very topic, for example this
however some people seem to think that the silver bell was even detrimental to the sound of this particular horn and generally, I understand, the market seems to appreciate more the ones with solid siver neck and no silver bell
I had a Super 20 and sold it to get a Silversonic. I had them both set up by the same tech (Will Grizzle). They were about 175 numbers apart. They have very similar tones. The Silversonic had just a little more roundness to it. When I get warmed up, it really comes out. Kind of thicker sounding. It was very slight though. The S20 was a great horn.
milandro said:
the market seems to appreciate more the ones with solid siver neck and no silver bell
Super 20 Silver Sonics are worth substantially more than brass bell Super 20's, when comparing instruments manufactured during the same era and in similar condition.

Horns made in Eastlake may differ, but I doubt it.
....or perhaps there is a different appreciation of different horns in different countries.....I was told by a reputable shop Amsterdam Winds that Silver sonics tend to be less appreciated (they didn't mention value but I assume that there musthave been some bearing on it too...), they had a marvellous brass bell and silver neck with full set of riveted pearls all over the place, engravings and so on......maybe this horn was indeed a little bit more special then most (but I've seen pictures or even nicer ones and more engraved ones)
Milandro -

I think it is the other way around: To those who know, silversonic horns - particularly the Cleveland ones with pearl key touches - are usually worth more than all-brass S20's.

Recently, a friend showed me a picture of a silversonic that has a gold outlay bell! In other words, there are three [plating] layers on that bell: gold outlay on the outside and silver underneath, and then next is a gold inlay. He sold it for US$ 10,000, he said.
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