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SilverSonic tenor at Vintage Sax

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Gayle has a nice SilverSonic tenor for sale. I have always wanted another S20 since I sold mine years ago. Is this a good vintage? thanks
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Michael -

I don't know if you want a collectible-item horn or a player, but if you want the latter, look at Eastlake S20's too. They come with sterling bells and necks, sterling necks, and without both (all-brass). The general consensus is that after King moved from Cleveland to Eastlake, the cosmetics of the S20 were stripped down. But that does not necessarily mean that S20's made in Eastlake are bad horns (unlike the Mexiconns).

The good thing about this is that you can have a great horn for less dough! So, don't be influenced by King snobs! Some of the most seasoned players on this forum play Eastlake horns!
Sterling vs. silver-plated necks and bells

Robert_Allan said:
(Silver Sonic bells and necks were clear lacquered, too, by the way)
and that horn you're looking at looks like the lacquer has been been
removed everywhere, including the gold wash in the inside of the
So, is it correct that the S20 bells that are made of sterling silver have the words "sterling bell" engraved on them and the silver-plated ones don't have that stamp?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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