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Hi everyone,

Just after a little info on a horn. I have a Silver plated Mark VI soprano that I almost never play so it's time for it to go to someone who appreciates it more.

In saying that, I really am not sure how much it's worth. Also I am in New Zealand, is Ebay the best place to sell it? What sort of info do I need to include if I do put it on Ebay?

From the Selmer serial charts it seems to have been made early 1973.

It is in very good condition, the silver plate looks fantastic (some wear). A tech said that because of the good condition it must have been replated but the bits that join the keys to the posts are still sharp so it probably hasn't.

It is in playing condition, (I played it on a big band album that won "NZ Jazz album of the year 2009), however it definitely needs pads replaced and a general service to get it to perfect playing condition.

Any info/help would be appreciated!



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Tough kind of question and I have no science here, in other words I didn't look at recent eBay completed auctions ;but as a great fan of the VI soprano I would say in the $2900- $3500 range.
Not sure about the impact of silver plate which may put it toward the higher end of the range I gave. The early '70's VI sopranos had that sound, in my opinion.
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