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I thought if there is anyone else out there besides me who is intrigued by it, here's a side by side comparison of two late 30s York tenors.
One is in silver plate (I assume it's not sterling), the other in lacquer. I'm not a tech person, but I notice a couple of differences.
The bells have a different contour, for one thing. Also, the tone holes are different. The silver one has sort of Martinesque tone holes but seem to be slightly different.
They feel more curved inward than beveled. On both horns, the tone holes are soldered. The lacquer neck has an interesting brace, like an inverted fin or something.
The silver one doesn't have a front F but the lacquer one does.
I'm sure a more trained eye will notice many things I don't see.
Anyway, if there's interest, I'll be happy to post other images of parts of the horn(s) anyone might be curious about.


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