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To make the chords play in Sibelius:

After you have all of your chord symbols in, go to the top menu line where: File, Edit, View, etc. are located. Go over to and click on> Plug-ins and pull down that menu. Click on Composing Tools>Realize Chord symbols. Sibelius will ask you if you want it to apply to the whole score – click Yes. Sibelius will then ask you what instrument you want the chord symbols (soon to be notes) in. Click Piano. There are some other questions there that you may or may not want answer. If you do not want to answer them, just use the default selection and click O.K.

(Note: If you only have a number of measures highlighted in blue (Sibelius can them bars) it will only transform the measures you have a blue box around. May sure that you don't have any blue boxes around any measures)

Sibelius will then create a Piano part with notes using your chord symbols.

The program says you cannot undo the operation. But if you go to: Layout>Instruments and Staves, and delete the piano part that Sibelius created when it realized the chord symbols into notes, it will bring you back to where you began before you realized the chords. Should that be necessary.

Every time you realize chords, it creates a piano part. So, it’s better to do the whole score at once.

Hope this helps.
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