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I had an opportunity to play-test the Phil-Tone alto Intrepid mouthpiece earlier this month. I fell in love with this piece, and placed an order with Phil for my own alto Intrepid on May 16. If anyone was concerned about how transactions with Phil would go once he relocated to France, I'm here to tell you that I'm not sure how things could have gone better. Ordered on the 16th and shipped through customs and received on May 22.

That had me pretty excited, but not as excited as I was after the first play. This mouthpiece is incredible. Tone and intonation are wonderful, and articulation was as good as the pass-around piece I play tested. Phil not only does great work, but he is quick and responsive. I now have a Phil-Tone Intrepid for alto and tenor, and my gas may finally be over.

Thanks again Phil, you are running a superb business!
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