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Shipping my bari.

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So I am doing a cruise gig in July and need to ship my bari. Yamaha in a Bam case. It is going in the belly of the plane. Any tips to insure survival?
Considering cutting up memory foam pillows to add extra padding and reduce potential movement inside the case and give more support.
I was in a sporting goods store and I noticed you can buy a shipping case for golf clubs for $75.00. Thinking of packing the Bam in a second case.
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One word...Anvil
hakukani said:
One word...Anvil

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If the golf case is hard, then some foam rubber around it should make it ok....
Or you could pack the BAM in a box with packing peanuts.
Either way will work.
tone-the golf club case is an execellent idea -i have seen them and also thought it would make a great second skin so to speak for a bari sax case. just hope some luggage jocky dosnt think its golf clubs and tosses it around like they would golf clubs. not shure the bam will fit inside . best bring it into the store and try it
Super is right....
FWIW, the SKB golf club case won't work. Been there, did that. I think the Big Bertha will, though.
Yes it is a hard golf bag case sort of a lighter duty pelican case. It splits in half and has wheels. It looks to be the perfect fit but I have measurments of the Bam and will verify. The Bam closely matches a staff golf bag shape.
Randal do you suggest I pack memory foam inside the Bam case?
I am considering Fedex'n the case to the port so I can get enough insurance coverage on it. Any suggestions?
The Cruiseline will cover the cost of the extra piece of luggage on the plane.
i think fed ex is the safest carrier to use for fragile objects. hope there isnt a size limit
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