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AUSTIN, TX—February 7, 2011—MACSAX® is pleased to announce that Shelley Carrol, an internationally acclaimed musician based in Plano, Texas, is an endorser of the newly released Warburton Special Edition Tenor Saxophone.

The Warburton Special Edition Tenor by MACSAX® was officially released in December 2010 and has since garnered significant attention. This world-class tenor includes many attributes of the top vintage horns while comprising the latest technology with the 36-years of research and development partner Warburton Music Products. Master technician, Ken Beason performs acoustic optimization and set up on every Warburton Special Edition tenor.

“Since I started playing the new Warburton Tenor, I have not picked up my other saxophones. This horn gives me everything I ask of it. I have even had friends in the audience that ask what I am doing differently!” said Shelley Carrol.
Mr. Carrol hails from a family of gospel singers and musicians in Houston, Texas. While attending the University North Texas, Mr. Carrol earned a spot in the Grammy Nominated One O'clock Lab Band. He recorded two critically acclaimed CD's in 1990 and 1991.
Mr. Carrol went on to play with the Duke Ellington Orchestra touring more than 30 countries during the last two decades. This past year, Mr. Carrol performed on tour with Sheryl Crow.

Mr. Carrol’s impressive career includes performances and recording with Whitney Houston, Roger Waters, Marla Gibbs, Maureen McGovern, Marchel Ivery, Kirk Whalum, Tony Bennet, Roy Hargrove, Fingerprints, Phyllis Hyman, Nancy Wilson and Joe Williams among many other influential musicians and performers.

“Every effort was made to develop the Warburton Special Edition so that it would be a true alternative to the vintage Mark VI style tenors of the 1950s-60s yet also give the player the latest in sound and versatility,” said Mike Crouch, MACSAX® president. “We pulled out all the stops with the incorporation of the patented modular Warburton Ultimate Neck ™ system. Everything about this saxophone is special,” said Terry Warburton, Founder and President of Warburton Music Products. “The brass is a special formulation, the keys are forged to the original specification of top vintage models, the pads are kangaroo leather with domed brass resonators and the horn is complete with an enlarged bell flair.”

The new Warburton Special Edition tenor is offered in a bare, polished finish with genuine black mother of pearl key touches, no high F# key, vintage style left hand pinky keys and round front F button. The Warburton Special Edition Tenor includes two necks, one pure copper and one that is proprietary brass with the “initiator” (replacement of the cork end of the neck) and a handcrafted Warburton J Series hard rubber mouthpiece.

“It is a delight to add Shelley Carrol among our growing list of world class saxophonists,” said Greg Wilson, MACSAX® VP Product Development. “Our ultimate reward is hearing this wonderful instrument reach its full potential through Shelley’s amazing abilities.”


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Whenever Shelley performs in Dallas it is an event of 'note'... At The Amsterdam Bar in Deep Ellum, conveniently located 2 blocks from my loft, Shelley is master of sparks at the weekly jazz jams... If you have not heard his playing, you should treat yourself and take a listen... He is a gracious and gentle individual & his unique artistry and humor are infectious...
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