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I have searched everywhere and can not find the Tenor Sax sheet music for Pass the Peas (I believe it was composed by the JBs, definately coved by Maceo Parker). Does anyone know where I can find it? This song changed my musical life and I want to get it tattooed on my arm but I need to make sure i have the exact right notes. Please help me.
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( For Bb in Eminor )


Repeat until turnaround. ( B B B B Bb A A A - or a harmony )

First riff again. x2

easy...Tattoo to your brain not arm.

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As much of a tattoo junkie I am (30+ hoours), I would not recommend getting that tattoo...

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There are some great Maceo videos on Youtube as well. I own his documentary "My First Name Is Maceo" and would recommend it to anyone who loves Maceo Parker's playing or funk music in general.
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