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Sharp upper octave on New Wonder 2

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Hi Folks

Just out of interest, has anyone else had a problem on the old conns with the octave a-c being sharp compared to the rest of the range? Suspect it's an issue with the octave key used for these notes, as they're fine in the lower register. Also, I'm still fiddling around with mp's (on a Selmer E at the moment); is it possible that the mp used could cause this? It's not a huge issue as I can fiddle around with the right hand to help bring them down, but if someone else has found a solution...

On an entirely unrelated note, much excitement was caused yesterday when I discovered an extra pad on the thing which gives an alternative fingering for e flat (1,2,3 LH and fork RH) I'm guessing this is common knowledge, but just in case someone hasn't discovered it.


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old (Conn) baritone horns are known to have quirky intonation and this is a common problem , In fact I had the same with a similar horn.
Intonation improved with a better embouchure (tightening of the embouchure going up shows dramatically on baritone) and a older style, big Chamber Mouthpiece.
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