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Shaped Case Options for Yanagisawa 992

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Long time no see SOTW people. I just came to ask around to find out what would be a good traveling case that would be a good match for both Yanagisawa 992 alto and tenor saxes respectively. As of NOW I mostly just transport saxes around campus and gig and club performances in mostly cars. I'm personally tired of lugging around those big cases they come with case they are uncomfortable and not quite as stlyish and space savy as shaped cases. I've looked into these options for potiential cases.

-Gator GC
-SKB 450
-Hiscox Pro
-Walt Johnson

At this point in my life I'm not doing Airline travel so I'm not quite as concerned with that and even with my current cases I put them in overhead of busses I travel in...Granted I usually only take one at a time. I'm looking for a case that will keep a nice hold on the horn while on my shoulder (cause becides playing thats where it mostly will be) and safe for travel. I would say i'm leaning towards the hiscox at this point because of possible future travel chances but I would like to hear what more experienced minds have to say. This is for my YANAGISAWA 992 alto and tenor for clarification.
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