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hi all,

i am impressed with the reviews in the SOTW of the antigua sopranos and was thinking of getting a Antigua 586BC for myself in the coming future.

a bit of background about myself. i am an intermediate player for the soprano sax (2yrs). Alto sax (10yrs). Plays Tenor, Bari sax, clarinet also. Fancy the beautiful tone/sound of Kenny G. Best sax played: Selmer Paris III alto + Selmer paris C* + BG soloist Revelation lig + Vandoren V16 #4. Trained in a concert/symphonic setting, but would be using the new soprano only for personal jamming in the future.

i have look through extensively regarding the setups for many of the members of SOTW forum and i needed some opinions from you guys about the setup that i might be consider using. Was hoping that after all your input is can know what mpc-lig-reeds to get for the new soprano next time.

There are 2 possible setups that i need:
set up 1: Pop play-along / Kenny G song fakes / Praise&worship
Shortlisted mpc:
- Selmer supersession J

Shortlisted lig:
- Rovner Dark ligature 1RVS /
- FRANCOIS LOUIS ultimate lig /
- BG soloist ligature L14SR super relevation

Shortlisted reeds:
- Alexander Superial
- Vandoren V16

set up 2: Jazz playing
Shortlisted mpc:
- Otto Link Metal *8
- Jody Jazz *9

Shortlisted lig:
- Otto link metal's ligature (comes with the otto link)
- Rovner Dark ligature 1RVS (comes with the Jody jazz)

Shortlisted reeds:
- Vandoren Java
- Vandoren ZZ

anyone can help me out with any good suggestions/comments for the 2 setups?

wondering which ligature of the three or otherwise would be good to pair with the selmer super session?

the jody jazz mpc that a lot of SOTW members mention is it the JJ esp?? or the classic? which is better?

the otto link metal that a lot of SOTW members mention is it the Otto Link Super Tone Master Bell Metal 24k gold plated mouthpieces??

which of the 2 metal mpc should i get (otto metal / JJ)?

as a intermediate player, is the mpc opening SS J / Otto*8 / JJ *9 too much to handle? any advice is welcome =)

All kind suggestions/comments are greatly appreciated!! ^^
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