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Serie II tenor neck modify

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I am thinking of modifing a Serie II tenor neck so the mouthpiece end has a slight upturn. Is there a tonal, responce or tuning downside to this?

This is for ergonomic reasons for creating room to tilt the head down slightly, while still having an upright body posture playing a Serie II tenor. I use a Saxholder and that repositions the horn more in front compared to a neckstrap.
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this was made by other people (famously Jimmy Giuffre had his tenor altered this way) and there shouldn't be any difference in tuning.

We have talked about it numerous times

However , have you thought of ordering one of these eastern music necks asking for an alteration in design? It will cost you a lot less and you won't alter the original neck, should you ever sell the saxophone.
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You can ask them to make the sax according to your design , I understand that they are " flexible" ( excuse the pun)

It wasn't only that Conn ( he used also another with a brace ) it was a Mark VI too the bend is less extreme than you think he held the sax also very much in a way that made it look way more ebnt than it really was.

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