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Serie II tenor neck modify

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I am thinking of modifing a Serie II tenor neck so the mouthpiece end has a slight upturn. Is there a tonal, responce or tuning downside to this?

This is for ergonomic reasons for creating room to tilt the head down slightly, while still having an upright body posture playing a Serie II tenor. I use a Saxholder and that repositions the horn more in front compared to a neckstrap.
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Milandro I had forgotten about Jimmy Giuffre. Thanks for pointing his Conn neck out. I don't need anything that extreme, a lift of 3 millimeters measured from the mouthpiece end, starting the bend a few inches from the cork will do. An inexpensive neck will be tried first. An experienced tech who manufacturers brass instrument tubing will be doing it in front of me, so the neck angle can be tried as he gradually bends it it. Once it has been played on it over the next few weeks and I am certain it is right, I will purchase a Serie II neck and have him bend that.

Eastern Power necks are an excellent idea, as long as it is the same high arc as the Serie II. A lower Mark VI profile is a problem because it extends the length of the neck and that throws off how I balance a Serie II.

Dexdex, the orginal neck will remain untouched.
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