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serial number s1 soprano

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According to.Buffet. sax production stop in 1985(but not clarinet )s.n 35xxxx but i found a s1 sop s.n 37xxxx. looks like first owner ...(a pro player) got it new in italy in what?
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Thank so much Enthusiast!!!You did a great work!Im going to try the horn fortunately near home.Your opinion about the worth?(2200 euro)?.Im a doctor retired tenor player amateur with a long story of buying and selling sopranos(you know why)Do you think this horn has a good market?(despite s.n Buffet disavows)?...Again thank you!
thanks so much!sotw for ever!
hi saxlovers...I got the horn!!your help.has been so important..the horn is in perfect shape .,easy blowing,so sweet ..and after a few day of trying i thougt to have the last chance with a straight sop....(after buy and sell 3).after a few week playing. i will give a rewiew
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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