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serial number s1 soprano

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According to.Buffet. sax production stop in 1985(but not clarinet )s.n 35xxxx but i found a s1 sop s.n 37xxxx. looks like first owner ...(a pro player) got it new in italy in what?
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So don't hesitate! - a late serial S1 soprano is a horn of considerable sonic beauty and dexterity! It will have the tilting pinkie table, the S1 style Eb/C, front F key and may or may not have a top G side key.

These are among the greatest sopranos EVER made. In a recent extended play test over the course of a week with all kinds of mouthpieces mine (32,xxx) KILLED a brand new perfectly set up Yani SW010. I had so wanted the Yani SW010 to be the best. It so obviously wasn't. I sent the Yani back to the shop. No contest.

So, now I've just had a look at the instrument in question - - - it does have a top G key! The only difference between this one and a 'mainstream' late serial S1 soprano (ie >30xxx) is the thumb hook which was a swivelling metal one like on the alto and tenor and this one has a plastic one (replacement?). Plus the side G which was an optional extra.

Oh, and the Bis connecting rod has an adjusting screw! Wow, that's a difference and a really useful one at that.

It looks very well played, yet key work looks like it's probably tight as they come. I can't see any gaps on the rods and the screw heads look clean. Nice. Not surprising - these are built like tanks. You need to be OK with heavy sopranos - they are heavy yet are also very well balanced. This is a very rare example and tempting :).
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Thank so much Enthusiast!!!You did a great work!Im going to try the horn fortunately near home.Your opinion about the worth?(2200 euro)?.Im a doctor retired tenor player amateur with a long story of buying and selling sopranos(you know why)Do you think this horn has a good market?(despite s.n Buffet disavows)?...Again thank you!
If the pads are fresh and well done, and the action is tight, light and responsive, such that it won't need a revision for 5+ years, then I think an offer of around €1800 would be fair. It's a pretty rare s.n. so it depends on what it's worth to you too and whether you feel it's 'the one'. It would sell on eBay for at least $2,000 so it's not miles away.

Take more than 1 mouthpiece with you if you can, such as a medium chambered piece and a larger chambered piece. If the instrument tunes as it should, it will work with almost any mouthpiece but the mouthpiece will want to swallow most or all of the cork, depending on its internal volume. There are some designs that just don't work on it where the mouthpiece needs to go on too far to tune and fouls the octave pad, but those are few and far between.

To give you an idea, I paid €1300 for mine, and then paid €400 to get it into proper playing shape. Mine is in slightly better cosmetic condition, but that one is even more desirable with the top G and Bis connecting rod adjusting screw. Small differences that add to the rarity and when the horn is this good, rarity = desirability!

Oh, and take some cork grease with you and dab a bit on the end of the arm that rotates behind the G# key to smooth the feel.

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Congrats - a soprano to grow with, and that grows on you with time. May you always enjoy in good health.
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