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I've got a BA alto that has been my favorite for many years now. I've tried other Selmers (and other brands), but so far nothing has knocked it off it's pedestal.

Well, a BA just appeared on ebay that has a serial number darn close to mine (within 50)

Is there any reason this horn would sound like mine, or is it a random thing depending on which random worker happened to finish up a horn that month?

I don't "need" another alto, so hopefully the answer won't give me GAS.


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Jason DuMars said:
I had Selmer balanced alto 28164 for years, and it was a KILLER!! I happened upon alto 28165 which belonged to a SF repair guy. That one played siginificantly worse than mine. It was set up very well too.

You may emit the GAS safely from your body now.
I think that this post should be cut and pasted into every thread about serial numbers and which years, or numbers, are best!
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