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Sequenza IXb editions

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Could somebody explain to me how many editions of Berio's Sequenza IXb there are. I have one which John Harle claims to have adapted with Swiss saxophonist Iwan Roth, but I understand the original Berio worked on with Claude Delangle? Harle also claims to have had some sort of contact with Berio, so I'm a little confused about the whole situation. Can anyone enlighten me?
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What I've been able to find is that Sequenza IXb was dedicated to and premiered by Harle.

Delangle premiered Sequenza VIIb, for soprano. Both Sequenzas can be heard on his CD, "The Solitary Saxophone."
My understanding is that berio originally allowed IXb to be transcribed for Harle and Roth. However, in all the books I've read on/about Berio, he doesn't discuss this relationship. Even denies it and states that both the new versions of the sequenzas were for Claude. There are a couple of printed editions, one from the 80's, and a more recent one. Both are inaccurate. The multiphonic fingerings listed are incorrect. If you listen to the recordings of Claude, Christian and Arno they play a more accurate multiphonic that was to the agreement of Berio, not the one in the universal edition. Also these editions are lacking a few of the altissimo sections that the above mentioned artists also perform correctly.
Thanks for the info guys. A.Smith, would you be able to share with me the correct multiphonic fingerings before I attempt to play the dreaded IXb for Claude, Christian and Arno at Gap this July, please?
Sorry Neil, I totally missed your question from ages ago. The fingerings that Claude told me are No 1. (123 4 6 7 and c5) and No 2. (x23 4 6). Be warned these mulitphonics are highly sensitive!
Perfect multiphonic

The best fingering for multiphonic No. 1 is: finger low B-flat, add high F-sharp key (basically the same as ASmith's above but with "5" not omitted). This produces a PERFECT F/Eb. The fingering ASmith gave for multiphonic No.2 is right on. Thanks!!!
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