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Sennhieser Md 421 or MD 441?

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I have been struggling to find a good recordingmic for my tenor and altosax!
I have a ADK Vienna condenser mic,and a Shure SM 58!
The ADK gives me a somewhat unpleasent "windy" thin sound!It's seems to
pickup som frequency's outside the sax range,but it,s a broad sound(big)!
SM 58 gives me a better saxsound,but is to narrow sounding(in the box sound)!I have herd that the Sennheiser mic's is good for recording sax!
Should I go for a Md 421 which has a pricetag which I can afford.or should I
look for a seconhand Md 441!
Md 441 have a frequency range from 20hz-20khz!Isn't that to high for a sax
and it vill gives me the same problems I have with my ADK,which have the same frequency response!Or is it more pleasant sounding because it's a
dynamic mic!
Thanx for any replye's!
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I've been using a 421 with great success. Good mic.

441s are supposed to be excellent too...just a matter of how much you want to pay; I've never tried one myself.
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