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Selmer USA low A?

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I’ve been looking for a second baritone and in my search have been in touch with a guy on this forum that has a Selmer USA low A for sale. I can’t find much info on it for some reason. I’ve been searching. I did find a few videos of people playing them. They sound pretty huge which is wonderful. And George, the guy selling said they have a reputation for a big sound. I think he has a good reputation as well. Does anyone have info or can you point me in the right direction? FYI I own a Zephyr now an am happy with it. Was looking for a backup and was thinking a low A horn might be a nice addition to the arsenal. Thanksn......Oh and how much more will this weigh? My Zephyr weighs 10 lbs.
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It is the same exact horn as the Buescher 400 made after Selmer bought them out. It also is the same as a Bundy. Kind of clunky horns with a bell extension and no clothes guard on the back but they do have a huge, earth-shaking low A.
Is a Zephyr considered clunky too? I ask because I've never played anything else. Actually I played a newer Yamaha tenor one time and it seemed much easier to play but I'm used to the old horn now.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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