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Selmer USA Alto Clarinet

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Recently I started with bass clarinet; then a B soprano clarinet followed and now I got a Selmer USA alto clarinet (Mod.Nr. 1425) going down to low Eb.
So this is clarinet madness now, but I love the different distinct sounds of these three instruments.

The Selmer alto clarinet may have not the best intonation thinkable but it plays reasonably well in tune (maybe the lowest notes go a bit flat) and the sound is nice. There is not much choice on the German used gear market anyway...

My alto clarinet came with a vito france mouthpiece; which is quite nice. Curious as I am I ordered a a Yamaha 5C (a mouthpiece that I'm recently also enjoying a lot on my bass clarinet) and I am very happy with this Yamaha MP for alto clarinet.
Lot of fun.

Stay safe from the virus
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I'd be interested, if anybody knows the Leblanc L7165 Alto Clarinet and the Selmer USA 1425 alto clarinet: how do they compare? On pictures they look identical, as far as the key work goes.The bore of the Selmer (measured at the inside of the S-bow) is 16.95mm. Thomann Germany clames the Leblanc has 18mm bore...

Any direct experiences here?
Sorry double post, deleted...
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