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I have had this 1957 silver tenor since 1974 but have played in only a few times.
It had 2 general overhauls but definately needs one again. Apart from this the instrument is in good condition. Now im considering selling it. How much should I expect? How do i find out? Do they have some kind of marketprice?
How should i sell it? Ebay?



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sell it on the Ebay, don't do anything to it! It is very valuable if everything is kosher. Many variables there (France, America, buffing, repairs....) but I think you can expect a minimum of 5.000 $ perhaps more likely to be 6.000$. Could be a lot more.....evem 8.000 or even more, depending on many things. I am not an expert though.

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If you post is on E-bay - watch carefully. Take tons of photos and answer every question as clearly as possible. This is the type of listing that can get copied by criminal types. This really ruin a great auction and make for a bad day.:evil:

Good Luck

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You may find an excellent marketplace right here at SotW. Take your time to learn the market, set a fair price, and sell it to a player.
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