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Selmer Super Session Tenor MP Now Available in US

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Selmer Super Session Mouthpieces for Tenor are now available in the US, although pretty hard to find.

The only place I know of that has any is

They have some H facings and indicate that the I and J facings are on back order and expected in 8-10 weeks.
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And I thought everyone was excited about these.:?
This is the first time I've seen this message - I don't log on every 8 hours. I have to sleep now and then.

These have been out for a while in Europe, and are shipped with the Bird special edition saxophones. I've never tried one myself.

Have you played one? What's the difference between this Super Session and a modern Soloist?
I was just a little surprised that no one replied because I had the impression they were "eagerly awaited" here in the states.

I don't have the tenor yet. The alto appears to me to shorter and with a larger chamber than the soloist and they are marketed as being suited to jazz. They come standard with the Ref. 54 alto over here.

I'll try to post my impressions when I get the mouthpiece on my horn.
I use these on Alto and Soprano and they have a more vintage like chamber. Also the facing is longer. The Alto facing is as long as most tenor facings. Great killer mouthpiece that still has control and intonation. If the Tenor is as good as the baby ones, it may finally Selmer's turn to sell tenor mouthpieces.
So has anyone played one...closest comparison...general impressions????
Got mine today. An "H" facing. This facing, according to the chart on the JodyJazz site, should be equivalent to a Link 7*. I perceived it as significantly more open than my 7* Link HR. I have not measured it. 1stopclarinet shop only listed H, I, and J facings. I don't know if there are other facings available.

It is shorter than the S80 for tenor or my old vintage soloist.

There is what I would call a short mild baffle .

On my MK VI the mouthpiece struck me as very responsive in all registers. I am not a competent altissimo player but the mp was responsive up to f and F# (the old way). It seemed to produce a very consistent and even sound. I would call the tone dark with a bright edge. It is noticeably brighter than my HR link. I hear the sound as very similar to that of a Super Session on alto.

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the new selmers mpc dont seem to be made whith the same hard rubber
as in the past
do you know the reason and how do you call th new stuff they use now?
I think Selmer has been having labor issues for a while in France. I wonder if these are even European-made. Could be using their Chinese mfg connections - making mouthpieces out of old toaster handles or some other compound that passes as protein in dog food.

Sorry - feeling saucy at the moment...
Do you really want to know what they are putting in their mouthpieces?
yes i have been told that in the past they were using sulfure which became prohibited ten years ago and they change the components for plastic without sulfure
this of course change the weight sound and how you feel the mpc in your mouth
it seems to be the same for others brands too
I have an S80 C* from the mid 80's that has the same feel, taste, look, and smell of the high quality rubber that Ralph morgan uses in his pieces. I also have an S80 C* from just a few years ago that has the same feel, taste, look and smell to a modern meyer.
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