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Selmer Super Balanced Action Alto intonation

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hello all,
I recently purchased a super balanced action and wow intonation is hard on this horn. Any suggestions on how to get the horn to play better in tune ex. is if i tune to F# with octave middle c is extremely flat and notes in that area. I am having issues compensating because i find my self pinching too much getting into the upper register. Also how should i approach long tones while trying to improve pitch. But wow this horn has a killer sound i love it!

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have the horn checked by a tech, i'd have him check the key heights, the intonation on these horns, though not perfect is very workable, if the key heights are set up more or less even it should play ok. its possible the right hand is too open, left hand is too closed, etc...
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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