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Selmer Super Balanced Action Alto intonation

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hello all,
I recently purchased a super balanced action and wow intonation is hard on this horn. Any suggestions on how to get the horn to play better in tune ex. is if i tune to F# with octave middle c is extremely flat and notes in that area. I am having issues compensating because i find my self pinching too much getting into the upper register. Also how should i approach long tones while trying to improve pitch. But wow this horn has a killer sound i love it!

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Pad heights are a show-stopper, so fix that. Once good there, try tuning to middle C and see where the rest of the horn is.

Also, clean out BOTH octave vents with a pipe cleaner. Sixty years of leftovers ain't too good for tuning, my boy :)

SBA altos play quite sharp from A on top of the staff upwards. Plus, since there -are- two fingerings for middle F#, maybe you're tuning to the wrong one for your setup.

Tuning sax to middle F or F# is not a guarantee for the rest of the horn, it's just a compromise that sometimes work and sometimes doesn't.

I prefer to tune more for the range in which I'm playing, then use fingering modifications for the fine tuning, as much as possible.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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