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Selmer Super Action 80 Series III

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I know these model saxes are fairly new, but i was wondering what the general opinions were on these new models? good, bad, so so?
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My main tenor is a Yani 992, which is, in my humble opinon, a pretty good standard to judge others by. I acquired (on Ebay) a Series III tenor a few weeks ago to use in the Motown/Blues/anything-we're-asked-for band and it's an astoundingly good horn. It is definitely on the bright side - the reason I went for it - but I used it on a big-band gig this week and it feels equally at home there too. Guardala Studio with the big-band, Guardala Super King with the Motown band. Deeply impressed with it.
That link up there doesnt work :S
My Link sometimes plays up too...
My tenor is a Serie III,this the nicest and best tenor I ever own !
Sure there are always better saxes,as in everything but since the first time I blow that horn,fell for it ,never looked back on my decision!
It has a great tone,rich,fat in the bottom,and respond very well!!!
What part of Ontario are you in?
So for me the Serie III is a fabulous sax!
All the best ,
tenor saxman said:
That link up there doesnt work :S
Try it now. :)
The Series III tenor came out in 1997. There are a lot of them out there. You should have no trouble finding opinions about them here through the search and else ware.
Series III tenor.......count me in

Several months ago I made the decision to start looking for a 'modern' tenor. In the meantime I played lots of them, mostly Selmers II-III and Yani's. It wasn't easy to choose one over the other but at first I kept going back to the Yani T991.
Two weeks ago I found a Series II that really felt good in the short time I got to play it and there were also 2 III's there (all 3 were used). I had my 4 and 6 year old with me so I decided it was better to go back another time. So finally this week I was able to go and play these. The first one I liked and compared to the II the sound seemed less compact, more free or more coming out of the sax, something I personally preferred.... but trying the other Series
After playing all these horns and not being able to make a decision suddenly you start playing one and it is like it's telling you exactly what you want to hear. This was it. The difference with the other Series III seemed subtle but was definately there. Just a bit more resonance, nice full lows and great response, I really liked the way it played and sounded.
Now for the long wait, it is getting the full works and will be fitted with black roo's and hopefully will be coming home with me in about four weeks.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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