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Selmer stencil by Keilwerth?

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Yesterday i found a strange sax that has the selmer stamp, and says "Made in Germany", as you can see at the pictures. So I want to know, how do you think? Its a selmer?, or it is a stencil? Because I had read that "Selmer Bundy" or "Selmer Bundy Special" has the stamp "Made in Germany" and Selmer logo, and were manufactured by Keilwerth...
Any help will be appreciated.
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Yes, it says New York Elkhart, and says LONDON to...almost sure, but not sure what says about the place was made
Yes it is possible and in that case rush to buy it because if it is anything like this

that one you want to buy it straight away! ;)
The sax was sold some month ago FUUUUUUUCK **** **** **** :mad:
I don´t think the new owner will want to sell it to god, just lost maybe the best oportunity of having a good tenor sax...A Selmer tenor sax only for 1050 dollars...
I need psicological support.
Well, lets try with an p mauriat...
It was a Selmer Mark VI, was sold some month ago, yes...Only 1050 dollars, a key was missing...
well the key would have been easy to replace........well this tells us all to stay alert , the bargains are still out there
Anybody has play a Saxgourmet solid copper neck for tenor???????
wel, Pablo, this seems to be a whole new thread......
Always braking the rules...o my god...
not so much " the rules " but rather that if you publish it in a appropriate manner you are likely to find someone to answer your question........and while you are at it, use the search button because there is a very good chance that your question has been asked before ;) :)
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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