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Selmer stencil by Keilwerth?

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Yesterday i found a strange sax that has the selmer stamp, and says "Made in Germany", as you can see at the pictures. So I want to know, how do you think? Its a selmer?, or it is a stencil? Because I had read that "Selmer Bundy" or "Selmer Bundy Special" has the stamp "Made in Germany" and Selmer logo, and were manufactured by Keilwerth...
Any help will be appreciated.
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your pictures are out of focus so it is impossible to see what you mean.......I might vaguely read made in Germany, but I am not even sure it says that! Kindly provide some better and bigger (and more detailed pictures including the serial number and other details ) . Selmer France, to my knowledge, has never sold an instrument that wasn't made by them directly. There are several non- Selmer made denominations bearing the name Selmer (which is confusing)
Wow! I think this may be a rare beast, that is the full Selmer logo.
Must be a Keilworth though?
It would be a KeilwErth (;) :) ) only if that is a Bundy and that logo (although blurred) doesn't look a Selmer Bundy. Henri Selmer France has never had any horn made elsewhere, even the American Selmers were only assembled in America and purely to bypass custom problems. They never had a " cheap line" made anywhere to save costs, and the surely wouldn't have had any made in Germany by a competitor.
Anyway more, better and detailed pictures are needed for the identification.
As far as I can tell, there's nothing about the design that says KW, but the brace certainly looks Selmer.
There were also some other Selmer stencils by another French outfit, if I recall.
Ok, maybe useful to read this............

and this:

Here is a list of those Selmer stenciled saxophones;
"Selmer Pennsylvania Special" (has the stamp "Made in Czechoslovakia"): Keilwerth-made.
"Selmer Pennsylvania": Made at various times by Karl Meyer, Pierret and others. Generally has the stamp "Selmer London".
"Selmer Bundy/Bundy Special" (has the stamp "Made in Germany"): Manufactured by Keilwerth.
"Selmer Adolphe Sax": Some of these were actually made from parts available from the son of sax inventor Adolph Sax. Most likely made at the old 'Sax' plant.
"Selmer Manhattan": Manufactured by Martin.
"Selmer New York": Manufactured by Conn and some models by Buescher.
"Selmer American": Read: Selmer New York.
"Selmer Pennsylvania Super": Made by Yanagisawa.

Gwen Shroyer

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I wouldn't know if Beaugnier ever made a stencil branded Selmer London. I too thought those were Bueschers ............the plot thickens! :cool:
Yes ,but finding a yet unknown Henri Selmer France made in Germany wouldn't be just extraordinary it would be a miracle!

Many extraordinary things can happen in Argentina or anywhere else and people have sold expensive saxophones for cheap all over the world.
Yes it is possible and in that case rush to buy it because if it is anything like this

that one you want to buy it straight away! ;)
well the key would have been easy to replace........well this tells us all to stay alert , the bargains are still out there
wel, Pablo, this seems to be a whole new thread......
not so much " the rules " but rather that if you publish it in a appropriate manner you are likely to find someone to answer your question........and while you are at it, use the search button because there is a very good chance that your question has been asked before ;) :)
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