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I see your point.
Yes you are right there is no small triangle on that table,,etc.
Though ,i remembered trading a tenor EB STM Link for it many years ago,and plus just Ted Klum's work on it is worth more then what you claimed the mpc is worth,,I don t know,maybe i am woring,but i would never let go for 150 or 200 US,,lol no way.
I ll just keep it and use it as a door stoper before giving it away.
Thanks anyways
All the best
Generally original facings are worth more, as is the actual Soloist as opposed to the soloist style (without the table logo). Pity because IMO they are just as good. I have had ans sold a few of these and I agree with the value being up to about $150 so if it's worth more than that to you then you should hang on to it.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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