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Selmer soloist D mouthpiece

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Haven't played sax in 19 years (since graduating college). I have a 1954 Buescher Aristocrat which is in pretty shabby shape. I also played with a Selmer Soloist D mouthpiece. I never really cared how good a horn I had; I just knew that I always had a better tone than the player next to me for some reason. Now, my 11 yr. old son has started to play and I am interested in quality al the sudden. Can anyone tell me how good a mouthpiece I have? Also, what is the difference between the F, C and D models of the Soloist? Thanks!!!
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Is "Soloist" written on the table (the flat part)?
If so your mpc is worth $$$ if it is in good condition.
You probably shouldn't let an 11 year old play with it as he could damage it.
Buy him a student Yamaha instead.
If you're interested in selling the Soloist you could do so on SOTW.
Check eBay to see the average price of such a mpc.

Go here
to find out if it is a short or long shank.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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