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Selmer soloist D mouthpiece

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Haven't played sax in 19 years (since graduating college). I have a 1954 Buescher Aristocrat which is in pretty shabby shape. I also played with a Selmer Soloist D mouthpiece. I never really cared how good a horn I had; I just knew that I always had a better tone than the player next to me for some reason. Now, my 11 yr. old son has started to play and I am interested in quality al the sudden. Can anyone tell me how good a mouthpiece I have? Also, what is the difference between the F, C and D models of the Soloist? Thanks!!!
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OK, I have to now ask what you mean by "open." I wasn't a music major. I just like playing in the band and in college. Never got into the nuances of sax brands, reeds, and mouthpieces.

I have no idea how old the mouthpiece is, (other than 26+ yrs. because that is how long I have had the horn) but I would bet it is easily 35+ yrs old. No chips anywhere, just a little wear (as one might expect in a mp that old) around the tip. In excellent condition for one that old.
Not sure what you mean by a scroll, but, on the topside, it has a script "Selmer" written inside a laurel with "Paris" underneath that and "made in france" (now barely legible due to its age and wear) lower down. Around the end (where it fits on the neck) is a ring of decorative loops... is that what you mean by scroll?
Yes SOLOIST is written on the bottom side, cursive, upward between two stright lines and the letter "D" below/beside it. Thanks for the tip, I doubt I would sell it though.

I have now looked it up on the site you recommended. It appears to be a long shank Soloist D. It is in great shape for its age. It has three very tiny chips in it. Two along the edge of the table (well back from the opening), along the scrolled ring at the back of the shank. None detract from the appearance. I like the idea of keeping it but what might it be worth?
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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