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I have been playing a Selmer series III (Booster) neck with my Mark VI for the last couple of years. I really like the combo. However I was developing a problem with jumping from G2 to palm D and other palm notes. I couldn't figure it out. I decided to try the old neck and was pleasantly surprised that it fixed the problem and the neck sounded great!

I took the rocker arm off both necks and noticed that the octave vent on the series III is way smaller compared to the Mark VI neck. Approx 35 % smaller! Check the photos.
The series III had a small amount of lint and dirt in the hole which I cleaned. For good measure I also cleaned the other small Octave Vent on the horn and voila now playing great. I have never experienced the original neck having the clogging problem. I guess it"s possible that the series III necks have a propensity to clog up more easily because of the smaller hole size and even a minute amount of clogging will be emphasized by the smaller opening.

The other major difference between the necks is that the series III has a significantly higher curved goose neck. (2nd photo).
So fellow series III players, keep an eye on those octave holes!"

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