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Selmer Series II vs Series III vs Ref 54 vs 875 EX for CARAVAN Mouthpiece

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Hi guys,
I currently use a yamaha 62II alto and caravan mouthpiece but am going to upgrade cuz i made all states last year. I've tried the 875 and its a tad bit resistive than my 62. I'm going to try the 54 and the selmers, but before I drive all the way to nyc to try it, do you guys know if the serires II or III or 54 works best with large chamber caravan.

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You're going to buy a horn to fit a mouthpiece? I think that's one of the more bizarre things I've read on the forum, yet. Ain't exactly cost effective - or necessary.

Having said that - that doesn't answer your question - my answer would be: I've played all the modern Selmers and for classical music, I prefer the Serie II hands down. And if there is too much, or too little resistance from the mpc, geez Marie, man. Just send it to a mpc refacer and tell him that and let him take care of it. You don't change horns just based on that . . .IMO.

But I've played a Caravan, Selmer S80 C*, and Rousseau NC5 (as well as trying a Selmer S 90 190) on my Serie II alto and personally preferred the Rousseau, I suppose in large part simply because the mpc tip opening is a little more open than the others.

Afterthought - as far as the resistance on the horns, I suppose the 875 and Serie II might be about the same, which would be a bit more resistance then the Serie III and Ref 54 and these two are about the same. And also, I'm sure there are excellent players playing classical music on all four of these saxes. My impression is that more are playing classical on the first pair, but that wouldn't rule out the second pair.

Again, if I was dead set on playing a large chamber Caravan, since my preference is the Serie II alto, I would get that sax and if there is a tad too much resistance at that point, I'd get a refacer to open the mpc up just a tad to reduce some of the blow-back from the mpc.

If you're one of those guys that just has to have a small tip opening and a stiff reed, I will tell you that, still, I've worked with wind ensemble players who play with Selmer IIs who play C* size openings and even #4 size reeds. So with that as a precedence, there should be no reason why you couldn't play the Caravan with the Selmer II if you are playing (an assumption) Vandoren Trad. #3 reeds.
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This is probably not uncommon. You buy the horn that plays best for you- with whatever particular mouthpiece you test it with.
I see your point, Nathan. When I've tested horns, I've usually brought two mouthpieces with me, sometimes three, but I do see your point. But the mouthpiece doesn't have ergonomics, action, focus or spread and other attributes that the horn is going to add to the other end of the mouthpiece.
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